Monday, October 26, 2009

Jersey City (Paulus Hook)

Situated across the Hudson River from lower Manhattan, the Paulus Hook neighborhood of Jersey City is one of area’s most scenic and picturesque. Paulus Hook is perched on the east corner of the city, along the waterfront and in between the Holland Tunnel and Liberty State Park. The community is currently enjoying an impressive growth stage, sprouting unique local shops, charming restaurants and stylish Jersey City condos and office buildings.
With a rich history dating back to the Revolutionary War, Paulus Hook is known for its traditional roots. However, in recent years, the neighborhood has blossomed into a quaint urban sanctuary. Moreover, Paulus Hook’s prominent waterfront status and new Jersey City condo developments have helped in attracting many residents from the tri-state area, as well as from all over the country.
The neighborhood enjoys proximity to a variety of entertainment choices which include fantastic dining and shopping options. Additionally, it’s immediacy to transportation like the PATH trains, Hudson-Bergen Light Rail and NY Waterway ferries are extremely convenient for residents and area employees.
Those searching for neighborhoods in which to purchase or rent homes will find that Paulus Hook is one of the premier places to live in Jersey City. It’s location within the Waterfront District contains an assortment of Jersey City condos and Jersey City rentals that would please any discerning consumer. Residences vary from traditional, brick façade Jersey City rental apartments to modern and sleek Jersey City condo buildings.
Paulus Hook features a wonderful dichotomy between the timeless traditions that initially strengthened the neighborhood and the innovative advancements and developments that are slowly infiltrating the community. The combination of these, coupled with smartly designed Jersey City condos and handsomely renovated Jersey City apartments, make Paulus Hook a remarkable place to call home.

Friday, October 9, 2009


One of the central transportation hubs to and from New York City, Hoboken is one of the most popular locations to live and work in the metropolitan area.
Its picturesque location on the western bank of the Hudson River is an ideal spot for Hoboken real estate, as a spectacular view of Manhattan’s West Village and Chelsea neighborhoods can be seen from across the water.
Hoboken is sometimes referred to as a “bedroom suburb,” alluding to the fact that many residents commute to and from New York City. This makes sense as many “bedroom suburb” commuters work in the finance and real estate, which are two major industries in the tri-state area.
There are several ways to get to and from Hoboken, including the PATH train, New Jersey Transit, Metro-North Railroad, Hudson-Bergen Light Rail, and the New York Waterway ferries, all of which can be found at the Hoboken Terminal. The Terminal, which sees more than 50,000 commuters a day, is one of the busiest in the country. Additionally, with the Newark Airport a mere 13 miles away, Hoboken real estate is accessible by people not just in the tri-state, but all over the country as well. Its convenience and accessibility remain one of the major factors contributing to the city’s popularity.
Along with a great location, its position along the Hudson makes for a very beautiful and dramatic setting for Hoboken real estate buildings. The boardwalk running along the river is home to many restaurants, cafes, and bars, not to mention the city’s stylish new W Hotel. Nearby, the legendary Frank Sinatra Park, one of the most famous parks in Hoboken, provides a quiet and tranquil respite for the area’s residents.
Hoboken real estate has an extensive array of chic residential buildings, historic brownstones, trendy entertainment spots and glossy high-rise office towers. Among these is the Washington Street area - an exciting place to eat, shop and play. Many impressive restaurants and cozy bars are situated along this busy street, and countless Hoboken residents are in its vicinity each weekend.
Hoboken real estate accommodates a wonderful mix of ambiances. Some areas of the city can be peaceful and serene, while others are boisterous and lively. The combination of atmospheres and environments make Hoboken a truly unique place to call home, not forgetting that one of the world’s largest and dynamic cities is less than a 20 minute train ride away.

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Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Nestled on the shoreline of the Hudson River, the neighborhood of Newport in Jersey City is one of the liveliest and bustling communities in the area. Newport is a waterfront community with state-of-the art office buildings, residential towers and entertainment facilities.
As the area began its development in the 1980s, Newport is fairly new and, as a result, has been able to attract many New Yorkers and young couples who find the area fresh and relaxing, yet urbanized and energetic.
Residents of Newport enjoy all that Jersey City real estate has to offer. First, there is the popular 1.2 million square-foot Newport Centre Mall, featuring anchor stores like Macy’s and Sears. Second, the assorted collection of retail shops, simply known as the Newport River Market, houses such staples as Target, Starbucks and Linens & Things. Third, the Restaurants at Newport offer a delightful dining experience right on the shore of the Hudson.
Jersey City real estate also includes numerous office buildings with the Newport Office Center being one of the major ones in the neighborhood. The structure of 8 buildings house major companies like JP Morgan Chase and Jet Airways and encompasses over 5 million square feet of office space.
Newport also just recently added two brand-name hotels as part of the city’s Master Redevelopment Plan. The 187-room Courtyard by Marriott opened several years ago and earlier in 2009 the luxury brand Westin made its mark on the city with a 429-room hotel right on the Hudson’s promenade walkway.
The residential options in Jersey City real estate range from single-family homes to condominiums and apartments. In Newport, the main choices are condos and apartments, and they come in a wide range of styles. Some are in buildings with simple, brick-façades and others overlook the water while tucked away in sleek and modern high-rises. Because the city was recently developed in the past twenty years or so, many of the high-rise residences in Newport are fairly new with two stylish buildings just completed in the past few years.
The best part about living in Newport is that its residents can enjoy all the benefits of New York City from a charming place just across the river. In fact, many buildings in lower Manhattan can be seen from across the Hudson, including the prominent World Financial Center. It is also very easy to travel to New York from Newport and Jersey City real estate, as there are several transportation routes that include the Holland Tunnel, PATH train, Hudson-Bergen Light Rail and the BillyBey Ferry Company.

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Solution to all your Real Estate Problems Just a Click Away

Searching for a home or creating a business/retail establishment is far from an easy task. A lot of emotional, mental and physical exertions are required to develop and pursue these all important challenges.

Now, help is just a click away. There are locals available who are only too eager to help you out with your search. The local professionals who deal in the Hoboken rentals or Jersey City rentals are the ideal solution to all your real estate problems.

The property that you wish to deal with could be a Hoboken condo, or Jersey City condo. It could also be a single family home or a business establishment. The integration of the internet in our daily lives has made the job of locating the local professionals who would assist in the search for Jersey City real estate and Hoboken rentals easily approachable. These locals are well versed with the demands that these arenas can make on those invested. Professionals like contractors, real estate agents, title companies, and interior designers are all available to lend a helping hand to anybody who is dealing in Hoboken and Jersey City real estate. The ideal place to begin the process is an online real estate market place.

Fulfill Your Dream of Owning Property in Jersey City and Hoboken through Online property Search

When it comes to owning a property, you have specific criteria to aid your search. If these are location, proximity to transportation, available jobs or just getting the best value for your money then consider the Jersey City and Hoboken real estate market. Despite the current economic condition, the real estate market of Jersey City and Hoboken has been able to hold its value. The Jersey City and Hoboken real estate properties consist of a wide range of properties whether your looking for elegant design, outstanding quality, or affordable price.

If you wish to purchase a condo then, Jersey City and Hoboken would be a perfect choice. Whether or not you have a comprehensive knowledge of real estate market’s in Jersey City or Hoboken, if you wish to purchase a property in these areas you will be highly benefited by going through a local real estate property expert.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hoboken Rental Dealings and Jersey City Dealings in the Times of Online Marketing

We are all well aware that internet has pervaded almost all the spaces in our lives. Beyond doubt the concept of real estate transaction has also undergone a sea change because of this revolution. The effect is all the more evident in the areas of Jersey City and Hoboken real estate. The locals in the two regions of the Jersey City and the Hoboken City are of immense help in this regard. The internet has made the process of interacting with the right local professionals all the more easy.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Real Estate Dealing Requires a Professional as well as a Personal Approach

Production in real estate is one of the most sensitive issues in the there day world. There is a lot at stake in conditions of financial, mental as well as moving investments. Dealing in the Jersey City real estate or Hoboken real estate can be all the more involved and to some extent an exhaustive and a painful exercise. It is immaterial that whether an individual is interested in buying a property in the areas of Jersey City or Hoboken or trying to sell some property in these areas. In any case of Jersey City real estate or Hoboken real estate dealing a lot of effort is required to locate the right individuals and organizations that would assist you in your endeavors. It is true that locals in these two areas are more than helpful and forthcoming but selecting the right person who would be able to assist you in every possible manner can be a huge task. But nevertheless help is now available in the virtual world of the internet.

The locals in the areas of Jersey City and Hoboken city would only be too eager to help you in your property dealing in these areas. The only thing that is required is that you approach the right people and at the right time.

There are Locals who want to help you in your Real Estate Dealings

The property dealing in the area of Jersey City real estate and Hoboken condos can be a massive task for anybody. There are so many professionals out there who can easily make the claim of helping you in your job of finalizing a real estate deal. It is quite possible that many people claiming to be Jersey City real estate agents or the Hoboken real estate agents can take you for a ride. Under such circumstances it is highly impossible to entrust your property dealings to somebody who is either a novice in the field or simply a local who is trying to make some quick money. Nevertheless help is available now in the virtual world of the web that can help you in your Jersey City rentals or property dealing in Hoboken city.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Real Estate Dealings was never so Easy and Comfortable.

Real estate dealing could be a tricky business for anybody. If it is concerning the Hoboken real estate or Jersey city realtors then it could be all the more tricky and problematic. There are hordes of real estate dealers in these areas that claim to be the real source of knowledge about the property in these areas. Be it the commercial or development property, a Jersey City condo or a Hoboken Condo, or a single family home. These people can actually make one believe that they are the real fountain head of everything that needs to be known about the property in these areas. But now help is just a click away. There are many sites on the net that can assist you in your dealings with the Jersey City realtors or Hoboken real estate.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a real estate agent who is trying to buy some property in the area of Hoboken or Jersey City or an owner of the property in these areas. What matters the most is that help is now available to everybody who wants to deal in the property in these areas. Just enlist yourself on one of these sites and you could even have some locals trying to help you out in your venture. These online sites have marketing professionals that have a thorough knowledge about the Hoboken real estate. These professionals along with a whole gamut of other people like attorneys, title companies, mortgage brokers, interior designers, and home inspectors would be there to help you out in your dealings.

There is a whole community of professionals waiting to help you out in your Hoboken real estate or Jersey City real estate business. All that you are required to do is to register yourself in anyone of these sites and carry out your real estate dealing in the most trustworthy manner.

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What it takes to be an Ideal Real Estate Advertising Platform

If you are a Real Estate marketing professional in Hoboken and Jersey City you are no alien to the competition in the market. A right Real Estate Marketing professional chooses a right Real Estate marketing solution for his business.

A lot many Advertising solutions on internet work on Pay per click advertising. Perhaps no marketing and advertising solutions would rival this so-called highly cost effective approach to a targeted audience, which means one has to squander significant amounts of money while advertising for Hoboken new real estate to achieve exceptional results.

Let me put it to you in this way, have you ever paid for something and felt like “hey, where did all my money go?” or “wow, that really wasn’t worth it”. I bet many of us would have felt this so many times, unfortunately.

Well, through this article I am trying to express my views about an ideal Real Estate advertising platform that targets local audience. An Ideal real estate advertising solution is the one that charges you only when someone clicks and opens your listing that is about Hoboken new real estate or about homes to sell in Jersey City. You set the budget no matter how big or how small. With traditional PPC (pay per click) marketing, you have to compete with other businesses worldwide and whoever is the highest bidder gets the best listings. This is really unfair and an easy way to rob those bucks offs your pocket for nothing.

A true Real Estate open marketplace is the one that lists property of Jersey Real Estate or Hoboken new real estate at a leveled field. Economic standing must no longer limit the ability to advertise your Real Estate if you are a marketing professional in your targeted niche.

If you can't test your marketing, what's the point? Exactly! If you cannot determine your success through a certain marketing/advertising vehicle, you are very likely throwing away your precious dollars, but how would you know!

The right real estate advertising solution would enable you to determine how often you choose to be noticed for the clicks on each Real Estate listing. Every 5 clicks? Or ever 30 days? It should all be up to you.

There are a few Real Estate Search sites for Hoboken new real estate and Jersey City Real Estate, which encompass every minutest detail and are amazingly informative. With superb add-ons like news, blogs, forums, free tools and so much more. Such a real estate advertising solution would surely maximize the amount of visitors that are looking for Hoboken Condos or the ones who might be interested in selling homes in Jersey City and Hoboken new real estate; this in turn would give you the most exposure possible in your localized domain – Jersey City and Hoboken.

Why World Wide Web or the Internet? Because you are smart and you know that internet empowers you by reaching a wider pan of audience. Local searching is the use of such specialized search engines that allow users to submit geographically constrained searches against a structured database of Real Estate listings. Studies show that 86% of search engine users search for local products and services online.

‘Local online ad spending is expected to reach more than $19 billion by 2011 - nearly equal to the total U.S. online advertising market today. Local searches are growing more than 3 times faster than other types of searches (51 vs. 15%) ‘

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